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The Peacekeeper HQ Building close to AW GZ, full of useful infomation and who is on duty.



Core is the overseeing body of the Peacekeepers, where the governing guidelines are debated and adapted to reflect the changes in community and software. Members of the Core may look into all of areas within the Peacekeepers and handle all requests for the lockdown of accounts. All Core members can suspend a Peacekeeper at anytime and no Core member can just make someone a Peacekeeper. All members of Core receive the email that is sent through our contact form . All members of the Core watch over the Peacekeepers and correct them if they see anything wrong. Because of the diverse personalities within Core we can discuss, debate, many issues within Activeworlds. We always strive to change what is needed within the Peacekeeper to keep up with Activeworlds requirements.


The Peacekeeper Academy was established to extensively train and instruct those who wish to become effective moderators and support staff within cyberspace chat programs. The Academy is always receiving, reviewing and training new applicants who are put through an extensive 6 week structured program under the careful guidance of 9 experienced teachers.

The program includes instruction in incident documentation, effective chat software use, user interaction and program simulations of vandalism and harassment.


This team handles the cases that are the hardest. Harassment on a major level, vandalism of privately owned worlds, hacking of citizen accounts. They will work with the world owners, review world logs and what ever other logs checked that are needed. They help world owners and users with technical and security issues.

PK org has formed a group of PKs (whose identity will not be disclosed for obvious reasons) to handle the Garbage issues that come up in public building worlds. Complete non-offensive builds, N.A.C or other wise will not be deleted. Tourist objects can be deleted by anyone and do not require you to submit a form.
When a Peacekeeper decides that it is their time to go, the Core members decide on whether the number should also be retired as a sign of respect for exceptional service and duty to the organisation and or the activeworlds community as a whole.



PK 14 Tomas
PK 20 GolderUK
PK 27 Bassa
PK 37 Garnet
PK 64 Lensman


PK 32 MeL
PK 14 Tomas
PK 20 GolderUK
PK 37 Garnet
PK 40 Karten
PK 41 Lookin4BN
PK 47 NurseMom


PK 1 Razzle
PK 2 Non Reality
PK 3 Windancer
PK 4 m0e
PK 6 Schattenjager
PK 7 Hamfon
PK 11 Process
PK 13 Casey
PK 18 Daphne
PK 24 armygeddon
PK 25 zer0
PK 28 SirWilliam
PK 29 Caring
PK 34 Faceache
PK 36 Belfalest
PK 38 Sportster
PK 39 Baron
PK 45 Thurstan
PK 51 JLt
PK 57 MIKsam
PK 58 Clee o
PK 59 Talian
PK 66 Wizard of Oz


PK 41 Lookin4BN TL
PK 40 Karten DTL
PK 30 Vanity
PK 54 KeithB


PK 32 MeL TL
PK 47 NurseMom
PK 53 Astraenaut
PK 71 Sailorman