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General information about everything PK, the training involved, advice on security etc
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A fantastic build by LordWarrior dedicated to the Peacekeepers
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Pictures of all the current Peacekeepers and lists of all previous Peacekeepers
The Peacekeeper HQ Building close to AW GZ, full of useful infomation and who is on duty.


I feel I have been ejected without cause, what can I do?
Send what ever proof you may have, with time & date and which PK you may have seen in the area at the time to the PK org through our contact form

Someone has stolen my account how do I get it back?
Send your real name and citizen number to AW billing along with when you bought the account and how you paid for it (If you paid with a Credit Card, include the last 4 numbers) then when you get your account back contact a PK and report what happened.

How do I get garbage deleted around where I am building?
Click here to visit the Activeworlds Garbage Elimination Team (GET) Pages.

I forgot where I put my building, how can I find it?
The only way to find the location is to contact someone that built near you, otherwise you will have to guess and keep trying different coordinates. You can though use this link which will take you to the first item you built in AW

How can I know a Peacekeeper is a real Peacekeeper?
A real Peacekeeper in AW can be identified by the format of the registered citizen name used.

A Peacekeeper is never a tourist, i.e. never a name in grey with quotes.

Example of the Correct Naming format:
Peacekeeper 45

Note the name is one word, followed by a space and then a number, Registered numbers fall between 1 & 99

Any other format, i.e. without the space or using a number other than shown on this site is not a Peacekeeper.

A Peacekeeper will never ask for your passwords and will never ask for any credit card information.



Ejecting means the user is disabled from the current world location for periods of 5 min to up to an hour, stronger options are also available. The Peacekeepers are not required to warn you of this happening.

This means the AWCorp takes control of your account for a limited time. This is used when a citizen becomes disruptive or problematic.

If the above actions have not produced a positive outcome then Peacekeepers will recommend an account closure to

When previous action has not resolved a situation, a report can be compiled and sent to your Internet Service Provider with recommendation of account closure.

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