Activeworlds Peacekeeper Application Form
We are continually building a base of applications. Our goal is to interview and select suitable people and then place them on a list for upcoming positions.You will be notified after you have been interviewed of the outcome. The order of the list is based on when your application was received. This group is entirely volentary. All Applications are kept for reference. If you are interested please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please note that all questions require an answer, even if the answer is "none".
The minimum age for applications is 18 years and you also must have been a registered citizen of the Active Worlds 3D interactive software chat program for more than 6 months.



Activeworlds Citizen Name(s) :

Activeworlds Citizen Number(s) :
Email Address :

Real Name in Full:

Country of Residence :

No of hours +/- VRT :


If your local time is 1.28am and the VRT time is 6.28am you have to subtract 5 hours to get your local time, making you -5 VRT

VRT Time can be found in the status bar at the bottom of AW Browser

What additional languages can you read and write ?

(Please note that English is a must)




How much time do you spend in AW per week ?

  (We are asking for people to commit to a regular time each week, either one or two, 2 hour shifts, and  on call as well when in world)
Have you applied to be a Gatekeeper ?
Are you a Gatekeeper ?

Which VRT hours & days are you normally in AW ?




Please provide two AW Citizens who will be you references :

(Please do not include Peacekeepers as references 1 and 2)



If you wish to add a PK as reference please add them here : 3

Please provide contact details of a real world reference :

(Name & contact details of a Real World reference" would be someone that knows you personally; not just as a cyber personality... Someone you have actual, face to face contact with and knows you in your "real life"... This person might be contacted to get a reference)
Are you over 18 years of age?  Yes No
Do you have proof of age ?  Yes No
Would you be willing to furnish proof of age..i.e., ID card, drivers license or passport with the control numbers blocked out ? Yes No


  Please enter the string shown in the image in the form.