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The Peacekeeper HQ Building close to AW GZ, full of useful infomation and who is on duty.



We are a voluntary group of  citizens , who help as we can in the Activeworlds community. We are here to help new and regular users who come to Activeworlds. We assist Inc.'s personnel, by providing an online presence, for citizens and users to find help and advise.We assist users in disputes and try to prevent harassment of any user by others regardless of the form, be it verbal abuse or harassment , racism or vandalism

We are here to help, and if you encounter any of the above, and need to discuss any concerns that you have, then please feel free to contact one of our members. We do enjoy Activeworlds and will assist as best we can to ensure that you do too.


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PK 14 Tomas
PK 20 GolderUK
PK 27 Bassa
PK 30 Vanity
PK 32 MeL
PK 37 Garnet
PK 40 Karten
PK 41 Lookin4BN
PK 47 NurseMom
PK 53 Astraenaut
PK 54 KeithB
PK 64 Lensman
PK 71 Sailorman